Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Top 5 Ladies To Follow! #InternationalWomensDay

As today is International Women's Day I've decided to share my top 5 ladies to follow on social media! These girls are inspiring, creative and all around what I aspire to be! Today is about empowering women and realising just how amazing and wonderful we all are!

1 - Helen Anderson

Kicking off my top 5 is Helen Anderson. A Youtuber, blogger, singer and all around rockstar. She's a no bullshit, tell it how it is kinda girl! Her videos are always entertaining, amazingly put together and fun. She's someone who is the life of the party and is always bringing smiles to peoples faces!! Her dogs are the sweetest and her fantastic style makes me incredibly jealous! She sings like an angel and even watching her put away her shopping is fun to watch! Follow Helen if you want a good time from a girl with a lovely, bubbly personality! Just make sure not to try to get her attention by throwing a shoe at her because you know damn well that shoe is getting thrown back (BEST. MOMENT. EVER)!!

2 - Emily Sears

'My body becomes sexual when I am turned on, not when you are.' It was at that moment, I knew Emily was a force to be reckoned with. She's an Australian model who has NO time for misogyny or online trolls! She is incredibly smart and beautiful! It seems every day she is battling comments from men (and women!) online about how, because she's a model, she is unable to have any sort of opinion about anything! How she keeps up with it all I don't know! She's taking down the 'but not all men' trolls day by day! Although her Twitter and Instagram comments can provide some daily entertainment, it shines a light on how closed minded and ignorant a lot of people are, and that we should all come together to enlighten people on what is acceptable and what isn't. I can only hope that one day I am as strong, empowering and inspirational as she is!

3 - Jenna Marbles

Jenna has been a favourite of mine for years. And she became even more of a favourite after I met her in August last year. I was lucky enough to win a meet and greet with her at the YouTube Space in London and all I can say is she is the sweetest, most down to Earth person! She was kind and when I told her that I nearly didn't go because of my anxiety she replied with an encouraging 'but you did it! I'm proud of you!'. Her videos are always a welcome escape from reality and even if it's a song about glue or a 10 minute long video about avocados, they're always light hearted and enjoyable! She's also intelligent and doesn't take herself too seriously! Her and her boyfriend do weekly podcasts which are insightful, topical and engaging. They're perfect to listen to when I go walking although I probably look crazy laughing and smirking by myself!

4 - Betty Who

Betty Who is an Australian singer. Her music is ridiculously good and her voice is pure gold. She is a huge supporter of the LGBT community and empowering women. Hearing her say 'babe' in her sultry Aussie accent will literally make ANYONE weak at the knees. She's fun, silly and drop dead gorgeous! She is all about owning who you are and always striving to be your best. I first came across Betty when she did a collaboration video with Tyler Oakley and I'm SO glad I decided to give her a listen because she has a song for every mood and every situation. If you need a good singalong: Betty is your girl! She is just wonderful and I only hope that I get the chance to see her when she next comes to London! She's a great example of hard work, dedication and never giving up on what you believe in. In a world where there is so much hate, Betty Who brings the love! Also she retweeted me once soo I guess we're best friends now?

5 - Megan (BodyPosiPanda)

I recently came across Megan's Instagram and instantly fell in love! She is 100% all about embracing who you are, exactly as you are. On my most insecure days Megan's post will always pop up and give me the kick up the arse I need! She is such a shining light in a society where we're all programmed to believe we must look a certain way to be accepted and valued. Megan, like many other body positive influencers, works avidly to break down those walls and show us it's okay to wholeheartedly love you for you! With a following of nearly 700k on Instagram she is proof that there are A LOT of us who need daily reminding that we're worthy of love, not just from others but more importantly, from ourselves. She's had her fair share of struggles but she has come out so strong and is such an inspiration to me. Even if it's hard for me to believe a lot of the time, I'm fabulous just the way I am! I'm so happy I found Megan's page and I can assure you you will be too!

I hope you enjoy checking out these ladies pages and make sure to follow them! You won't be disappointed!!

Happy International Women's Day!!


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