Monday, 4 December 2017

Christmas Q&A | BLOGMAS 2017 DAY 3

Similar to yesterdays post but today my lovely boyfriend decided to come up with some Christmas related questions for me to answer!

Q1) What does Christmas mean to you?
Christmas to me is about having a relaxing day with family doing nothing but eating and laughing! I guess I also see it as a sort of celebration of the end of another year! 

Q2) What do you wish we all did differently around Christmas time?
For me personally I wish my family had some sort of Christmas tradition! Something like going to a Chrismas market or going to see some lights. 

Q3) Do you prefer Christmas Day or the build up to it?
I enjoy both equally. The build up is exciting and getting all the decorations out and getting the tree up is the fun part! I also find wrapping presents strangely therapeutic! But then Christmas Day is just as good because it means all the roast potatoes!! Waking up, having chocolate for breakfast then eating as much as you can to then have a nap on the sofa! 

Q4) How is Christmas different now to when you were younger?
There is an obvious difference because when you're young you get toys, sweets and pretty much everything you could possibly want. As you get older it becomes more what you need! So think more along the lines of walking boots, gift vouchers and home appliances! Although what you might get may be different, I think it's important to always get excited for Christmas!

Q5) What are your plans for 2018?
I'm feeling very optimistic for next year! 2017 has been an extremely difficult year for me in regards to my mental health and just general well being. I am going to take next year head on and take the small necessary steps in order to get myself back on track! I feel as though this year has just all together been a bit of a downer for everyone so I'm hoping we're all ready to smash it in the new year! 

Q6) What positives do you think blogging at Christmas can have?
It's interesting seeing other people's interpretations of what Christmas is to them. I like reading about what people have been getting up to and seeing all the different festive events there are! Gift guides and stocking filler posts are also a really helpful way to help those who are a bit stuck as to what to buy people! 

Q7) If you could have one item of food taken away from your Christmas dinner, what would it be?
If anyone even THINKS of trying to take away my roast potatoes I won't be happy at all!! Probably either the pigs in blankets or the meat! I could happily feast on a huge plate of potatoes and veg covered in gravy and mint sauce!

Q8) Quality Street or Celebrations?
This is a tough one!! I love love LOVE the green triangles in Quality Street but I'd have to go with Celebrations! The Malteasers chocolates are amazing!! 

Q9) How do you think Christmas will change in the next hundred years?
I think since I've been alive it has changed a lot. Nowadays it's very much focused on what is the most expensive, flashy thing you can buy someone. I'd like to think that Christmas will always be a family orientated time of year, but I do think that with all the new technology being invented, people will only carry on to want the biggest, newest, and the best. 

Q10) Do you wish it could be Christmas everyday?
I don't think I do because the novelty would wear off! The whole point of Christmas coming round once a year is to have that excitement!

Q11) Do you think Christmas matters as much in the internet age?
Definitely. In fact, to some people, it matters more. People are so quick to be the first to post all their expensive gifts online! To me it almost comes across as showing off because personally it's not about the presents for me - they're a bonus! I try and stay away from my phone on Christmas Day mainly because I'm either spending time with my family, eating or napping!! There are much more important things to do than brag about how many designer presents you got!

Q12) Commercialisation of Christmas; good or bad?
There are good and bad points to this I guess. It is a time of year when we think more about people who won't be experiencing a Christmas quite like ours. While charities don't certainly make a huge profit at Christmas time, it's important that they are heard and talked about. From mental health charities to those supporting the homeless and everything in between, we can all do a little something to help those in need. On the other hand there are plenty of companies who will utilise Christmas as a way to make a HUGE profit. I know that at a company I used to work for, the price of their Christmas grotto would sneakily go up a pound each year (it's near enough £15 this year!), but the presents were things you could buy for 20p from China and they had the same grotto decorations year after year! When you're using a time when you know people will be spending more money than they normally would for your own personal gain and don't really care about what you're giving to customers, that's when it's sad! 

Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend Seth for giving me these questions to answer! You definitely got me thinking! And thank you to you reading this for taking the time to read my rambles! :)

What do you think of some of my answers? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know!!

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