Monday, 11 December 2017

Did I achieve my 2017 goals? | BLOGMAS 2017 DAY 11

I remember a post I did back in April about some goals I wanted to achieve this year. You can go back and read the post here. So, did I manage to do them? Let's find out!

In short, no, I haven't succeeded in reaching my goals for this year. I wanted to go through each one and reflect on why I didn't and how I can take these goals with me into 2018.

1) Take blogging more seriously.

It's safe to say I didn't take blogging more seriously at all. Taking part in Blogmas is the first time I've blogged since June! I was hoping it would give me something to do and be a way to be a bit creative. Unfortunately I just didn't put the effort in that I could've. But taking part in Blogmas this year has really encouraged me to take my regular posting into the new year. I've proved to myself that I can do it so I'm sure I could stick to a weekly posting schedule! I'm not going to get too into numbers and followers, I want to make it about my love for writing.

2) Run a half marathon.

I almost want to laugh out loud at this one! This has definitely always been a dream of mine to be able to cross the finish line of a half marathon but this year my mind just wasn't in the right place. I had started going to the gym for a few months but my negative body image got in the way so I would just end up comparing myself to everyone there! I'm thinking of signing up again in the new year so perhaps a half marathon can be on the cards next year! It could possibly tie in with a challenge I'm going to be setting myself to try something new each month to take me out of my comfort zone!

3) Travel more.

Again, nothing! Well, I did get away for a few nights to Cornwall with my boyfriend for my birthday which was beautiful! My birthday was one to remember! We decided to go for a nice walk along the beach only to turn around to head back to our chalet to see the tide had gone in and we were stranded! Having to scale a terrifying cliff side was an experience I won't forget! Luckily we saw a couple doing that before us otherwise the RNLI would've been getting a call! Next year I really want to get out more and having a blog to write about it might give me a push to get some things booked! 

4) Start writing a book.

Nope! Not even a sentence! Like with the half marathon, my mind wasn't in it. I would go back and forth between story lines and never make a decision. I should just start with that though! Maybe I'll say to myself I'll write a few ideas of plots down, and then work from that! Whichever I find myself enjoying more, I'll go with that. I'd love to write a book with a theme around mental health and I'd also love to have a published poetry book. 

5) Get my anxiety under control.

I do feel that every day I am improving. This year I have been able to start opening up a bit more to my boyfriend who has been nothing but patient and loving. While I still have down days and it's always something in the back of my mind, I am feeling positive that next year I will be able to manage my anxiety and depression better and get myself back into work. I've been out of work for three years due to my mental health and I feel as though the coming year will involve me slowly returning to the working world! I'm planning to start with volunteering so as to not fully commit myself to a contract! It's about taking it step by step so I don't overwhelm myself! But I'm definitely planning to have a better year than this year!

What were some of your goals for 2017? Did you achieve them? If not, are you going to take them with you into 2018 or set yourself some new things to take on? Let me know on Twitter here!

Thank for you taking the time to read today's post! I really hope you enjoyed it and are reading to face next year head on like I am! :)


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