Monday, 18 December 2017

Feeling like a failure.. | BLOGMAS 2017 DAY 17

Yesterday was a bit of a shit day. I had been in a weird mood since I woke up and spent pretty much the whole day asleep. So when it did come to writing up my blog post I had no inspiration and no motivation. I decided to leave it for the day and post something tomorrow. Then an all too familiar feeling came over me...


Throughout my life I have known what it's like to feel like a failure. I've never achieved anything in my life, never made my family proud of anything I've ever done and I've never not given up on something I've started. 

So, when I started Blogmas, I knew it would be a challenge to stick to the routine because I've never managed to stick to anything. When something gets too difficult, I give up. When I didn't get my blog post up yesterday I started to think negatively and the usual pessimistic 'I always give up on everything', 'I can't just see something through to the end' and 'I'm such a failure'.  

But, the more and more I thought about it, I'm not a failure. I'm human. I need to work on not getting myself down so much. It was one bad day, but here I am today typing up a post making up for it! 

I'm proud of myself for doing so well on Blogmas, I've only missed two days in total but made up for them the next day. I'm loving taking time each day to sit down and write. I want to challenge myself to be more creative and expand my writing techniques and vocabulary. 

If you feel like a failure sometimes and can be negative on yourself and your achievements, try to change your way of thinking! Celebrate the little things, like getting through a bad day or going to a work commitment you were dreading! I'd really like to make a post in the future about what I'm proud of myself for achieving! 

What are some things you're proud of achieving this year? :)

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