Saturday, 23 December 2017

Gaining Christmas weight.. | BLOGMAS 2017 DAY 23

It's inevitable to gain a few pounds over the Christmas period.. I wanted to talk about why it's okay and how to try and not feel guilty about eating as much as you want!

There's no doubt we're bombarded with the message that at Christmas time we all let ourselves go, become gluttonous pigs and that it's the worst thing in the world! We see campaigns about 'summer bodies' being 'made in the winter', articles on how to not go over our daily calorie intake and tips on having a 'guilt free' Christmas. So why do so many companies send out this message? 

So that when it comes to the new year we can be influenced into buying gym memberships, weight loss teas and pills. We see phrases such as 'kick start the new year' and there are plenty of sales on various weight loss equipment supplements which adds a sense of urgency. If we don't start right now we'll fail! 

Yes, Christmas is a time to induldge and have chocoalte for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week following. This shouldn't be seen as such a bag thing! We spend the whole year dieting, exercising and being made to feel crap that we're not restricting ourself enough so why not take some time to yourself to enjoy it!? Fuck it! It shouldn't feel like a rebellion - it's your life to live!! 

I know what it's like to struggle with food guilt. If I eat too much or have too much of the 'wrong' things I start to have negative thoughts towards myself. 'I'm so fat and disgusting', 'why can't I control myself' and 'I feel sick, I'm so greedy' are regular thoughts that run through my head. But I really try my hardest at Christmas time to ignore these thoughts and just focus on enjoying myself throughout the festive period! 

I understand for some it may be a lot more difficult that just ignoring the negative thoughts and feelings regarding indulging in food. But trying to overcome the feelings of guilt and sadness little by little is a great start to overcoming the worry of gaining weight. Just try to think that you've done so well throughout the year and you're ready to see in a new one, it's a great thing to celebrate! 

It's not a bad thing to gain weight. It's not a bad thing to eat as much as you can until you're about to explode. It's not a bad thing to eat cake before you eat your dinner. It's not a bad thing to have 5 different puddings in one sitting. It's not a bad thing to drink as much alcohol as you can handle. It's not a bad thing to enjoy your Christmas!!

I will be spending my Christmas Day eating delicious food, drinking wine and having a huge nap before doing it all again! And I hope you do the same! You are a wonderful, inspiring, beautiful person and deserve to celebrate!

I'll be back tomorrow for day 24 (can you believe Blogmas is over!?) at 7pm (GMT)!! Follow me on Twitter here to keep up to date on new posts! 

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