Wednesday, 6 December 2017

I'll be honest... | BLOGMAS 2017 DAY 6

Today hasn't been the best...

I woke up with the familiar feeling that I was going to be on low energy all day. I spent most of the day in bed on my phone and watching TV. All I've managed to achieve is washing my bed sheets, dye my hair and cooking dinner. 

I spent hours scrolling through Instagram and researching breast augmentations. Two things I know don't help my mood. I know these things I do and look at are unhelpful and counter productive but I seem to sometimes go on auto pilot and I can't stop myself. It leaves me feeling ugly, worthless and hopeless. 

I kept thinking to myself I need to get on with writing up my post for today but every time I logged onto here I just sat looking at a blank page for ages. So, I kept putting it off in the hopes I would find inspiration on what to write and the energy to put effort into it. But, unfortunately, this is all I could come up with. 

When I decided to do Blogmas I knew that it would be a challenge, as my day to day life isn't exciting in the slightest. A lot of my days tend to be ones like today. I want my blog to be authentic and be about my life so I can't post something happy and upbeat when how I'm feeling in real life doesn't reflect that. 

As I tweeted a couple of days ago, taking part in Blogmas this year really has helped me get my love of writing back and I only want to continue in the future. In the new year I will make sure to stick to a regular posting schedule and make sure I have posts planned out! 

Apologies for the mundane post this evening, but this is my reality and I'm not going to ignore the bad days that come with the good.

I'll be back tomorrow with a post that I'm sure will have a more positive vibe. Tomorrow is a new day!

I hope you all had a great day and be sure to follow me on Twitter here!

Thank you for reading!


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