Friday, 8 December 2017

My favourite poetry quotes | BLOGMAS 2017 DAY 8

Well, the first week of Blogmas has flown by! I had an idea last night to do a series on here where I share my favourite poetry quotes and explore what they mean to me and why!

My gorgeous boyfriend surprised me with 'milk and honey' by Rupi Kaur recently and has bought me a couple of poetry books before. 

'milk and honey' consists of four sections: the hurting, the loving, the breaking and the healing. 'A collection of poetry about love, loss, trauma, abuse, healing and femininity'. 

My favourite quote today comes from 'the hurting' section. 

Why do I love this so much? Because for years of my teenage life I was put down and belittled by somebody who I thought loved me. I was not to be myself or be vocal about my feelings. He broke me down and chipped away at me that by the end of our relationship I was nothing but a shell of a person with no confidence, no self worth and no idea of who I was or wanted to be. 

I spent two years trying to learn how to recover from years of emotional trauma. I had to accept that whatever happened to me happened, I couldn't change the past so I had to find a way to let go and move onto the next chapter of my life. 

While I was left feeling miserable and deflated, after a while something inside of me clicked and I was sure to never let myself be treated like that again. I realised my worth, what I deserve and how I should be treated. I was not going to put myself out for someone who wasn't prepared to treat me with respect, kindness and be patient with me. 

I do still struggle adjusting to being in a loving relationship even though it's been over a year with Seth. I don't think I'll ever get used to how he treats me and how he makes me feel. He is the most supportive, patient, wonderful and thoughtful person I've ever met. 

It is possible to come out of a bad situation and learn from it. We will all make mistakes and be mistreated in some way, but it's how we take those situations and moments and not let them break us down. Taking time to focus on myself helped me to heal. But no matter how bad of a situation you're going through now, you have to always keep the faith that one day it will be better. 

So, that concludes day 8 of Blogmas! I really hope you enjoyed reading this because I loved writing about and sharing a bit more about me! Make sure to follow me on Twitter here and keep up to date with new posts!

Again, thank you for reading! :)


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