Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Types of shoppers at Christmas time! | BLOGMAS 2017 DAY 12

We all know that the closer it gets to December 25th, the busier and busier our high streets and supermarkets become! Here are a few types of people you might find in your local shops this Christmas!

1) The 'in and out' type.


This person hasn't got time to mess around. Their trip to the shops will last no longer than an hour and will be planned with military precision. These people will be weaving in and out of fellow consumers with ease as if they can sniff out where they need to be. They'll have a list, physical or mentally jotted down, and they will NOT stray or make any impulse buys! While this is a less relaxed style of shopping, it sure does get the job done!

2) The 'looker'.


I am SO guilty of this that my boyfriend has taken to calling me this every time we go shopping. You cannot help yourself but look at, touch and smell everything there is in every shop! I will sometimes go into shops I've never been in just to have a look! This person will be lucky if they get out of the shops before closing time! Everything is too exciting or pretty or shiny not to look at! These people are more likely to buy things they don't need and over purchase Christmas presents because they can't help themselves!

3) The 'stresshead'.


Often seen huffing and puffing with far too many shopping bags to handle, these shoppers will become so frustrated that you wonder why they didn't stay at home and order everything online! Most likely, they've left everything until the last minute. They don't like the crowds, complain when things are out of stock 3 days before Christmas Day and will say 'well, that's just not good enough!' to at least 15 retail workers. Safe to say shopping brings out the worst of these people!

4) The family.


I could think of nothing worse than trying to get Christmas shopping done while hauling around a load of kids! All I've ever seen of it it just seems like a rowdy school trip! 'No, don't touch that!', 'come on, we're leaving now or you'll have to stay here on your own!' and the classic: 'the lady will tell you off if you don't do what I say!'. Crying children getting picked up and whisked swiftly away from a colourful display of toys is a regular occurrence!

5) The bargain hunter.


We all love a good bargain and there are some who are just naturally gifted at doing Christmas on a budget. They will have the coupons, know the dates of all the sales and will have a built in price comparison site in their brain! These no fuss and no frills folk are a perfect example on Christmas not being a big deal. Who needs an iPhone when a tub of celebrations are 3 for a tenner at Asda!? 

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