Friday, 16 February 2018

Has anyone seen my mojo!?

After the new year, I was determined to start taking blogging more seriously. I was going to get myself a planner, all the fancy pens I could find and get myself organised! I was going to be a blogger in 2018!

But, much like a lot in my life, I didn't do anything. I would have ideas for posts racing around my head and even have some pretty much written up, edited and scheduled (in my head!). Fat load of good that is! Sounds so painfully obvious, but I've realised that nothing will get done unless I do it (DUH!)! 

I bought myself a beautiful, floral notepad to jot down all my ideas and I have a diary to plan when I'm going to post! I've already got pretty much a full page of post ideas so now it's time to get them written! I need to remember not to throw myself in too deep. I need to focus on one at a time and make it the best it can be. I feel that my writing tends to always be the same so I want to really work on my styles of writing and expanding my vocabulary. 

The ideas I have at the moment are primarily mental health related, as that's what I want my blog's main focus to be. I'll also be sprinkling in some lifestyle posts and any other bits I fancy writing about! My blog will be a place where I can express myself, write about what I'm passionate about and hopefully make the readers of it smile, laugh or cry! 

I've yet to decide what days and times I will be regularly posting, but I'll definitely be starting with just once a week. I'm going to start off slow and steady with the hope of jumping to twice or three times a week! 

I'm excited to take this seriously. I'm looking forward to the journey! 

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Thanks for reading!!


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