Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Summer is finally OVER! | BLOGTOBER 2018 DAY 2

For some the heatwaves of the summer were everything they could want from a British summertime. But for others, including me, it was literally hell on Earth.

With the highest temperature being recorded at 35C and the average hovering around 30C throughout June, July and August, it got to a point where I felt like it would never end!! It was alright for the first week or two but then the novelty of constantly sweating and feeling like a melting blob wore off. I know I shouldn't have been complaining because we rarely experience any beautiful weather in the UK, but my GOD it was HOT!! Stating the obvious, I know...


September/October weather is much more my kinda thing! Cooler (but still sunny) days and chilly, wintery nights. It's the transition period into Winter which means one thing! CHRISTMAS!! For some reason I've already started singing Christmas songs and seeing the decorations and gifts slowly make their way into the shops is making me giddy! Who am I!?

I won't go on about Christmas now as we've firstly got the excitement of Halloween! After recently seeing 'The Nun' and telling my dad about it he told me he hasn't seen any of the films in The Conjuring/Annabelle series. So we've ordered the DVDs and me, him and my best friend are soon going to have a 'Spooky Saturday' and I've not doubt I will be shitting myself the whole time! Why do we put ourselves through the terror of watching horror films!?

I've got a lot of different posts planned for October. Some to do with Halloween/horror. Others to do with mental health and just general diaries of how I'm getting on. Then there'll be some other rambles thrown into the mix! Hope you enjoy!!

Are you doing Blogtober? What have you got planned?! :)


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